This last weekend was downtown Santa Ana’s first Pride celebration.  I still remember the high school boys going to 4th Street and checking out the Trannie parade on Wednesday nites.  It’s great to see the GLBT community finally be embraced by my hometown on that same street!

But the pinche SanTana heat proved too much for us, and we took cover in the shaded, breezy patio @ Memphis for bottomless mimosas.

Thustly inspired, my artist friend Skeith decided to host an impromptu soiree…

…abundant in frothy cold goodness.
But elsewhere in Aztlan, all wuz not well.

In San Diego’s Balboa Park, a mob of revelers trashed the historic lily pond…

A story on the incident: http://bit.ly/PbFBTz

This all makes me think of how easy it is to slip from liberation to destruction.

Maybe it’s the lifetime of busting down figurative walls of social oppression that inspires my GLBT breathren to actually “bust down” a historic habitat??  Coupled with recent reports of patrons pissin’ all over West End Santa Ana businesses, it doesn’t seem the best public relations endevour, because:  public + pee = gross!

C’mon pee(ps) —> respect the gayborhood.

We need more Unicorns & Rainbows!!

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