So the fabled 2012 has rolled around and we’re back in Califas.

Yup, it’s been half a decade since the last entry –> y que.

We are not riding llamas in the Andes as planned, but the place we find ourselves in isn’t too bad.

I direct a film fest in my hometown, Santa Ana CA…


…and work on my fine art each winter in the wilds of San Antonio, TX.

In between, I research for my writing, consult for a couple of cultural centers and work on film/video productions throughout the southwest.

Many of you know me publicly as a visual artist, some as a gallerist, a few as a writer.

Others have met me thru my parallel life expressions as a Bodhi Tree’s conspiracy buyer (specializing in esoteric texts & alchemy), Arts Activist & Latino Game Show producer.  Esta gata tiene 9-lives!

Scroll back to the first post in this WordPress blog if you want to catch up w our past Texas season and our 6 years in lush San Antonio.

New posts will from that period will retro-actively be posted –> a reverse “time-travel”?? <– as I make past private posts public.


— La Pocha


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